Welcome to Patent Association’s blog!

We are happy to inform you that as of today, PATENT blog is available in Hungarian! Our blog will address our association’s professional activity and topics in the form of brief posts. The blog serves to present our work in an easily understandable form. Its objectives include sensitization and raising awareness to the cases and principles we represent, as well as the dissemination of information, scientific education and social mobilization related to these. While “domestic violence” and “relationship violence” have become widespread terms in Hungary, a number of other concepts and phenomena related to our work are unknown outside a narrow sphere of experts and civil movements. Our most important task, therefore, is to tear down this barrier. We plan to publish posts that give insight into our activities as well as our way of thinking, principles and wide-ranging experience and knowledge. The primary sources and informers of this accumulated knowledge are the clients of PATENT Association.

Our press releases can be accessed in English under the PRESS tab.

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