PATENT's statement on the Geneva "Consensus" Declaration

PATENT's statement on the Geneva
As we learned from the news – since of course, no advance notification was given by the government – on the 22nd of October 2020, Hungary, the United States, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, and Uganda have formed an anti-abortion coalition. The so-called Geneva “Consensus” Declaration was signed by a further 26 states, the majority of which are oppressive, authoritarian regimes. Bringing to mind the now-infamous photo of the so-called Demographic Summit held in Hungary, where the front rows of lectures calling for the increase of birth rates were filled by conceited male politicians, the leaders of the 32 states joining the current declaration – the presidents, primes ministers, kings, princes, and sheiks – are all men. The document deceptively and hypocritically campaigns against safe and accessible abortion under the guise of women’s human rights and women’s right to health.
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